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M1なMac MiniでFirebase emluatorを動かす

最近ずっと使っていたMacBookProが歪んできていて、修理出さないとヤバそうな雰囲気なのでとりあえずMac Miniに買って開発環境を作ってる。

普通に既存のプロジェクトをgit cloneしてきて、npm(yarn) installすれば動くだろうと思ってたら動かない…

$ firebase emulators:start

⚠  emulators: You are not currently authenticated so some features may not work correctly. Please run firebase login to authenticate the CLI.
i  emulators: Starting emulators: auth, functions, firestore, hosting, pubsub
⚠  functions: The following emulators are not running, calls to these services from the Functions emulator will affect production: database
✔  functions: Using node@12 from host.
⚠  functions: You are not signed in to the Firebase CLI. If you have authorized this machine using gcloud application-default credentials those may be discovered and used to access production services.
⚠  functions: Unable to fetch project Admin SDK configuration, Admin SDK behavior in Cloud Functions emulator may be incorrect.
i  firestore: Firestore Emulator logging to firestore-debug.log
⚠  firestore: Fatal error occurred:
   Firestore Emulator has exited with code: 1,
   stopping all running emulators
i  functions: Stopping Functions Emulator
i  firestore: Stopping Firestore Emulator
⚠  firestore: Error stopping Firestore Emulator
i  hub: Stopping emulator hub
error Command failed with exit code 1.
info Visit https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/cli/run for documentation about this command.

firestore-dubug.log を確認してみるとJavaがないと言われてた(笑)

The operation couldn’t be completed. Unable to locate a Java Runtime.
Please visit http://www.java.com for information on installing Java.

M1 MacにJavaを入れる

Azul SystemsからJDK11を落としてくればよさそう。



これで再度Firebase emulatorを実行すると起動することができる。

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